_PKS wallet

bitcoin custodian

Web application

Role:UX design, UI design, interaction design


Design the Bitcoin custodian web app with the simple and consistent UI, targeting not tech-savvy/very busy people.
Provide a possibility of creating multi-signature wallets, approve and reject transaction requests and adding people to the wallets.

1. Personas

To get a better understaning of the user needs, personas were created

2. Wireframes

To provide the simplest user experience, I’ve created wireframes for this project.

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In order to make the UI as consistent and clear as possible, I’ve used Material design patterns as a base, replaced icons with text buttons, and made sure all of the main controls stay in the same locations at all times. Table structure and status indicators are also unified on all pages.

Action buttons use the most obvious colors (green-ok, red-cancel/reject) for better understanding.