financial app

Web application

Role: UX design, UI design, Interaction design


Design a cloud accounting app suited for both beginners (e.g. individual entrepreneurs) and experienced users (financial advisors/accountants).
Let the users see where their business stands at a glance and control their cashflow in an easy manner, provide reporting and collaboration functions.

1. Personas

For the startup it is very important to know the users. Based on the results of user research provided by the client, I’ve created personas for Commitly project

2. Wireframes

I’ve created a set of wireframes to demonstrate how the screens of the project will look and connect together. This particular one illustrates 1st run of the app.

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Create financial plans and compare actual data to planned
Synchronize transactions from the client’s bank account
Map transactions to categories, suggestions of the categories
Generate reports
Add the team and collaborate (messages, tasks)
Integrations with Slack etc.